Kurt von Allmen wanted to become famous as a drag queen. However, he became famous when a police car rammed into him while he was chasing a thief and he lost his left leg. March 14, 2002 changed his life and that of his fictional character Beverly Stardust. He was labeled a police victim in the press. However, the young man started his new life with boundless optimism. But would his energy be enough for Beverly? In the years before the accident, he celebrated his first successes. His gay friends wanted to see him on stage again and wrote a revue for him! Based on the true events of twenty years ago, this novel tells the story of a man who did not want to be a victim, in a tightrope walk of fiction and reality. Despite years of battles with the authorities and painful defeats, he never thought of giving up. Peppered with lively anecdotes from the gay scene, Thomy Schallenberger tells a little piece of Zurich history in his debut novel.

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