Master Series - Extreme Bondage Table

Take erotic restraint to the next level with this Extreme Bondage Table! With a comfortable face hole and fully exposed crotch hole, this smooth and padded table is built to create opportunities for pleasure and play. The wrist and ankle cuffs that are included are perfect companion items to the table and attach easily to any of the 20 D-Rings so you can restrain your partner as you please them to the brink of ecstasy!
Built durable and meant to last, feel free to play a little rougher on this table. The provocative design will excite your lover and give them wild ideas about what the night will bring. Fit the wrist and ankle cuffs on their legs and arms so they feel snug and comfortable, then attach them to the D-Rings to keep them in place. Enjoy them squirming and writhing in pleasure as you play with their fantasies and desires.

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