E-Stim A-Box 2

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The ABox Mk2 is an improved design of the original ABox from E-Stim Systems, smaller, lighter, with more power and a more sensitive microphone. The ABox Mk2 is a unique, audio-controlled E-Stim power box. It may not be for beginners, but it is certainly an asset to any electro toy box.

Electro toys are becoming more and more mainstream, but there are always those who are looking for something unique and different. The new ABox Mk2 from E-Stim Systems offers more.
The ABox Mk2 is a unique electro play device designed specifically for erotic, audio-controlled electro stimulation. The ABox Mk2 from E-Stim Systems is not only triggered by sound, but is also sound-controlled. The input signal, whether from the built-in microphone or a connected audio source such as an MP3 player, is converted into a powerful but controllable electro-stim signal. This allows you to control the output using only the level and sound quality of your voice or audio source. When everything is quiet, the person is not zapped, but makes a noise.... WOW!!!

One of the nice features of the ABox is the unique LED input level indicator. This shows the input level immediately. The meter responds instantly to the input, providing even more control over the output.

Solo players will appreciate the stereo input. Select your favorite track from Stim, plug it in and sit back. There's even a selection of audio tracks that can be downloaded from the E-Stim Systems website.
The device comes in a special carrying case with self-adhesive gel pads, battery, audio link cable and a quick start guide. A more detailed instruction manual is available online.

Like all E-Stim Systems powerboxes, the ABox™Mk2 is designed and built in the UK to the latest EU and UK safety standards, carries the CE mark and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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