Silver Ring - 3 Piece Set

Intensify your orgasmic experiences with the Silver Ring 3 Piece Set. The comprehensive set of sensual accessories includes 3 different sizes of metal rings for heightened sensitivity and increased sensual pleasure. Slip into a medium, large or extra-large ring and enjoy peak performance every time. The set consists of a trio of solid, silver-plated erection enhancement rings. The rings are designed to fit easily, provide comfortable support, maintain your erection and increase seduction stimulation. Simply choose your preferred ring size and slip it over the erect penis to experience instant stimulation and an exciting tingling sensation. To maximize erotic arousal and prolong intimate playtime pleasure, always use a high quality lubricant with this enhancer toy. The 3-piece set is perfect for beginners and experienced users and ideal for imaginative and exotic sensual exploration. Use the discreet enhancer rings for masturbation adventures and for exploring secret, wild fantasies with your lover. Put on a metal decorative ring and prepare yourself for endless ecstasy. The easy-to-use support rings can be used together with your favorite vibrating stimulator toys. Clean the metal rings before and after each use with a toy cleaner spray or warm soapy water.

3.25 cm/ 3.75 cm and 5 cm

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