Premium Silicone Ring XL

Pleasure your lover all night long with the premium silicone ring. The oversized, stretchy support ring is comfortable to wear and easy to remove after an explosive climax. Designed for the larger man or for those looking for a versatile ring with endless possibilities. The super stretchy cock ring is ultra-thick and sensually textured, instantly increasing girth while providing enduring support for a rock-hard erection that goes the distance. The completely seamless, supportive ring slides comfortably onto the erect penis for extended intimate pleasure and an unforgettable, explosive finish every time. Experience super-sized erotic pleasure and share the tantalizing sensations with your lover. The versatile, all-purpose enhancer ring is perfect for prolonged passionate play with your lover. To increase sensitivity, always use a high-quality lubricant with this enhancement toy. Clean the erection monitor before and after use with a toy cleaner spray or wash it in mild soapy water.

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