Rimba electric sex aluminum cock rings

Adult article (18+)

Rimba Electro Play aluminum cock ring set with 3 different rings and a power wire with banana plug. Each ring is unipolar and has a socket for connecting a banana plug. Since a single ring is unipolar, you must use 2 pieces at the same time or use another unipolar electrode with a banana plug. (Ref. # 7861, 7894 or 7895). If two unipolar electrodes touch the human body at the same time, an electric shock can be triggered. Always be careful, do not use if skin is broken or iritated, if you have heart problems or are pregnant. Tip: Use the rimba contact gel ref # 3000 to get the best results. This Rimba Elecro Sex Ring Cable has a 2.5 mm jack plug that can be connected directly to all Rimba Power Box devices.

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