Mister B handcuff with hinge

Tie them up! With the Mister B Cuff Hinged, you'll keep your hands together and never let them go! This shiny pair of cuffs is mean and offers no wiggle room when you have two wrists in them. The tight hinge connection ensures that your hands are fixed next to each other without giving way. You've got your sub locked in place until you get the key out, so try not to be too mean unless you're into that sort of thing. We think you're into that kind of thing. The Mister B Cuff Hinged, Steel are the perfect solution for restraining your partner without them being able to get free. With these nasty handcuffs, they won't be able to free themselves and will barely be able to move their hands. The tight hinge that connects the two wrist openings allows no movement and is a secure way to keep your partner in place. Handcuffs are a great way to introduce kinky play in the bedroom for those who are curious or starting out with bondage play. Have fun with handcuffs! The handcuffs are adjustable in size, so they can fit almost any wrist and be tight for everyone! Use the key to open and close your handcuffs at any time. But don't lose them or someone will be in trouble. Each pair comes with two keys and is available in steel and black steel.

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