Mister B handcuff Double Lock rigid steel

Tie them up! With the Mister B Cuff Double Lock Rigid, you'll keep your hands together and never let them go! With this pair of handcuffs, your sub will have no more wiggle room. The rigid center attachment keeps your arms firmly connected at the wrists and won't let go until unlocked with the key. The cuffs are black and go perfectly with your black leather or rubber look. The Mister B Cuff Double Lock Rigid Black are the perfect solution for tying up your partner without them being able to break free. These black steel cuffs are a secure way to keep your sub in place until you unlock them with the key. Between the two cuffs is a stiff, black, lockable connector that keeps the sub's hands apart so they can't even think about trying to escape. The size of the handcuffs is adjustable, so they can fit almost any wrist and be tight for everyone! You can use the key to open and close the handcuffs at any time. But don't lose them or someone will be in trouble. Each pair comes with two keys and is available in steel and black steel. Special features Weight: 392 g. Length: 218 mm Minimum opening: 50 mm Minimum inner circumference: 165 mm Maximum inner circumference: 200 mm

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