Poppers Keeper small

The Poppers Keeper from Kinky Quest is the ultimate protective cover for your 10 ml poppers bottles. Designed to prevent spills, leaks and vaporization, this sturdy container made from eco-friendly PLA guarantees the safety and longevity of your poppers. With a perfect dimension of 45 mm diameter and 61 mm height, available in silver-grey, red and black, the Poppers Keeper combines functionality with style.


  • Material: Environmentally friendly PLA
  • Size: 45 mm diameter, 61 mm height
  • Colors: Silver grey, red, black
  • Compatibility: Ideal for 10 ml poppers glass bottles (e.g. from Lockerroom)
  • Protection: Against falls, leaks and vaporization
  • Availability: Exclusively at Mr. Love and www.mrlove.ch


  • Robust design: Protects against physical damage and preserves the quality of the poppers.
  • Stylish color options: Fits every taste and preference.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from PLA, a biodegradable plastic.
  • Easy to use: Perfect size for the most common poppers bottles.

Buy the Poppers Keeper from Kinky Quest now and enjoy your poppers safely and in style. Available from Mr. Love - your specialist for high-quality erotic accessories.

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